Farm snowYou can bet your Powerball winnings on it…I’ll never, ever be a fan of winter. At all. (well, just the hot chocolate part maybe). This Northern Arizona winter, which is pretty wimpy by any standard, is quite enough for me! Yes, yes…it IS pretty.

That said, even I can see the wonder in this season. Around the farm, all things seem quiet and still, hunkered down against the chill. But take a closer look and I see much more.

Little Pearl, our girl, born in the spring, has grown herself an impressively cozy thick coat! Nope, no “faux” fur here…it’s the real deal, and it’s keeping her toasty as she navigates her first winter ever. It’s really something to see them born and watch them grow so fast. On that note, her mama Daisy and her big sis Ginger are busy growin’ kids in their bellies over winter. They lay low, no more milking for now, as they put their energy towards bringing new life come springtime.

I wonder how the chickens handle it so well, with their thin skins and fine feathers! They are out and about every day, no matter the weather, mining the ground for tasty bugs and having their morning coffee clatch just outside the coop. Braver than me…! And braver than Button who, if there is even a trace of white stuff coming down, retreats to his barn. We don’t even see his footsteps until it’s all gone….And of course, the sparrows. Taking every chance to go over the property once more for any seeds left behind. They know where every icicle drips down, for a tiny drink or maybe even a bath.

Most of all, I’m amazed at how they all know when to slow it down, rest up, take care of what’s really needed, doing what really matters. No resolutions, major sweeping plans. They just wait, contentedly, living the present day (Spring will eventually come, but they are patient now). Hmmm…I could learn a thing or two watching them. From right here, inside. With cocoa. : )