the Wearin’ of the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! What can I say? With a name like Erin, this is a big week for me : )

Well, Spring has definitely Sprung around here! Which makes me verrrrry happy because Spring has a tendency to come right before SUMMER!!! While I wait for that mercury to rise, there’s so much to take in this time of year. My favorite thing to do is take a slo-o-o-w stroll all around the property and see what’s new.

You know it’s good stuff when these photos are unfiltered, un-messed-with, straight from the camera… and 40 shades of green…Erin Go Bragh!

Some clover, just in time for St. Pat’s
No, not lettuce…it’s Hollyhock poppin’ up!
Green.Pear blossoms
Pear blossoms…
Green.Purple flwrs
Our favorite purple weed : )
Bloomin’ Rosemary
“Tulips and Hollyhocks, living together” (for those old enough to remember the real Ghostbusters ; )