Apricot blossomsHmmm…I sometimes get called that ‘name’ (but never before 10am, that’s for sure!) Not so for our small-but-mighty apricot tree. That’s when I took this picture the other morning. Yes, those are blossoms. It’s loaded. Yes, it’s February. Yes…it does it every year.

Out of all of our fruit trees, this one was the mystery, season after season, because it just had to be the first to bloom, every time. And every time, normal “winter” here in Prescott would zap those blooms. We suspected it was an apricot tree, but never knew for sure. Last year, if anyone out there remembers my posts, we finally had a bumper crop! And they were scrumptiousness…

Here’s a little secret: the reason we got such a great crop, is because we finally figured out the right way to protect it after it blooms. We got the right supplies, and, even though I hated being out there on a cold night covering, tucking and tying knots, we did it anyway.

I can appreciate my little tree’s Type A tendencies. After all, it’s just doing exactly what it was made to do, with ALL of it’s might. A little overly enthusiastic sometimes? Yep. It neglects to think about the possibility of frost. But it’s so intent on joyfully making it’s delicious mark on the world, the risk is not what it’s focused on. And we, it’s care-taker’s, tenderly protected it so it could just do it’s glorious thing!

One of my favorite quotes, by Anais Nin, says this: “And then one day the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom” Don’t know about you, but in my life, when I’ve really ‘gone for it’ (“you overachiever, you!”) in way that I am truly meant to do (knowing full well that my care-taker’s got my back)…the results have been, well, delicious : )