Fruitful Labor

Peaches for jamAugust means an abundantly full, overflowing, larger-than-life month for me. Not in a bad way, but it always feels like everything is BIG this month.

Monsoon is usually in full swing, so we get some BIG rain (followed by big, beautiful sunsets). School starts; and there’s new everything again. Time to focus on encouraging and helping my smart, sensitive, active–and typical!– teenager navigate the new semester. Also, since it’s started, there’s time once again to tackle BIG projects that were put on hold while we were all chilling out, doing “summer” : )

And…there’s fruit! Lots and lots and lots of it. And vegetables by the bushel. While I’m awed at the abundance, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the work it takes to preserve it all. But I do it, so that all of our hard work to grow it is not wasted. Hubby sees me in the kitchen for hours, on my feet, over the hot stove, canning and preserving that precious produce of ours. He says, “Wow, that’s a LOT of work!” And I always say…’yeah, but it’s SO worth it later on’.

This big month is always full of big jobs…working to raise a child well, managing business and life projects the right way, tackling all the blessings this farm produces (seemingly at once!). But, in the end, it is, literally, fruitful labor. The payoff is moments of sweetness in the future that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Am I tired? Yes. Do I sometimes wish August would get over with already? Yessss…. But, looking forward to tomorrow (instead of looking at my sticky kitchen today) is my winning recipe for August.