“Heeeere, Chickie, Chickie, Chickie…Chickie!”

IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1484Seems like our critters are coming in quadruplets this past year! First the goats…now, four little fluffy bundles of cuteness taking up residence in the living room in a big Rubbermaid bin (for now).

Since we get new chicks almost every year, there’s a nice familiarity about the whole thing now: tiny, tiny things, all fuzz, huddling underneath the warmth of the lamp, barely peeping ; ) Then, growing bigger–so fast you can almost watch it!–lots of running around in their bin playing “steal the feather” and making such a racket we have to turn the TV volume up! That’s when we relocate them to another room, away a little, so we can actually hear ourselves talk ; ) and know that they are getting closer to moving into the coop and becoming part of the “grown up” group of ladies out there.

The funniest part is how they already do all those “grown up” chicken things…stretching out a wiIMG_1481ng and a leg (mmm…yum! just kidding!!) together at the same time, ‘chicken scratching’ at the ground (stirring up imaginary bug treats?) and knowing to hop up on the branch we put in there to roost at night. Although they are four different breeds, they bicker one minute and cuddle up the next, like sisters. And, from our experience…these four cuties will still hang together more often than not, years after they join the rest of the flock.