Easy Does It

BocceAhhhh…summer! It’s finally here, after a sweet and lovely April, followed by a downright mean May. Don’t know what was going on with that, but thankfully the baby goats n’ the baby garden survived…

To celebrate, we’ve pulled out the Bocce balls and the games have begun! I hold tight to the belief that food always tastes better outside–preferably when you’re barefoot. But it’s even better when someone’s keeping a casual eye on the grill while I refill cold drinks and do justice to my Italian heritage with a laid-back-yet-actually-very-competitive game on the grass. Y’know…friendly competition where someone likes to sneeze loudly, just as the other team is throwing ; )

But what better time to slow it all down than right now, right? Too much, too busy, too complicated, all the time. That’s not gonna work. There is a time for every season…and it’s time for SUMMER!