Bloom Anyway.

back-roseI am an Outside kind of gal. Not to say I’m full-on “outdoorsy” mind you. I greatly prefer indoor plumbing ; ) But given the choice, I’d always rather be outside. Food tastes better out on the porch. My mood instantly improves with sunshine. I think better (lots of oxygen to the brain from all the fresh air?) And, for a very visual person…there is endless wisdom and inspiration to be found!

So, I was recently getting some yard work done. Marveling, once again, at the parade of perennials I get to witness throughout the seasons around here. Through no skill of mine whatsoever, most of the floral fireworks happen right in the front yard. It’s all about curb appeal, right?!

As I continued moving around the property, putting in the time in the lesser-visited areas, I came across this old friend. Isn’t she a beauty? Covered in bright fuchsia-colored tea roses, some faded to a soft baby pink, and lots more buds ready for their big debut. Of course, my mind wanders… and grumbles some…as I work (“why am I the one doing all this work??” “does anyone even care if I do this?” “these weeds are only going to grow right back!”).

And there it was. Clear in my mind. This lovely girl blooms her little heart out where almost no one sees it. It is next to the pump house, at the back of the yard. It doesn’t get watered, and it’s a spot that you really have to be looking to notice it on any given day (or week!). It does not worry that it’s not in the fabulous front yard. It does not worry that it has to gather it’s water on it’s own. It does not worry if anyone comments on it’s achievement. It does not worry if it’s blooms fade and fall. It just does exactly what it was meant to do, no matter what! I’m sure I’m not the only who can feel… invisible, under-appreciated and decidedly un-special sometimes. You know what? I’m just gonna Bloom Anyway : )