CherriesI love that word. (Some days I don’t, like when I’m feeling kind of down. Then, it seems like I have nothing, and certainly nothing in abundance.) But…I wear a little pendant all the time with that one word on it. Tiny as it is on there, it packs a huge punch. It keeps me happily aware of my surroundings, and my circumstances. And when need be, it yanks my thoughts back to where they need to be: focused and thankful for the awesomeness around me.RedLettuce

And it’s everywhere, especially at the moment, here on the farm! So much so that I got lost outside with my camera today just capturing it all. My girl Daisy is quite happy to be back on the milk stand (and maybe a little too happy to be off mama duty with the kids; hey, we’ve all been there!), the ladies in the coop are earninDairyRosesg their feed, and things are blooming and growing everywhere you look. Roses, wildflowers, and the very first Hollyhock of the year decided to show up today…

FirstHollyhockIt’s a bumper year for our fruit trees, starting with the cherries, thanks to a mild winter. I probably should be preserving them…but, we’re just eating them straight from the trees! The branches on the peach tree are already hanging low, so heavy with deliciousness to come, that I’ll be canning those for sure (well, hello, peach cobbler!).

PurpleDaisiesMilk, eggs, flowers, fruit…so much provision and beauty. But I’m also reminded of the intangible things we all can have as well, that matter more: contentment, laughter, peace, simplicity and time for the ‘good’ stuff. Funny how when you actually do “stop and smell the roses”, that’s where those things are, in abundance.