A Small, Still Voice

LettuceLadybugLike everyone else, my days are busy. Filled to the brim, with a generous topping of “even-more-to-do”. Accompanying me all day is a never ending hum of noise– one-sided cell phone conversations, advertising on the radio, TV on too loud (“turn that down!”). The dishwasher running, the dogs barking and, even though I love them dearly, the ongoing chatter of my fellow house dwellers ; ) And, most days I wake up with my to-do list already running in my head, waiting for me to get TO it already!

That’s why I treasure my early mornings on the front porch, with my ever-present cuppa’ of hot tea. I look. I listen. I take it all in. I do NOT think. That’s the best part! I allow my senses to just…do what they do best. A million shades of green to enjoy. The way sunlight plays and moves the shadows around. That hummingbird that goes about his daily to-do list right in front of me. Songs of so many birds (“…have I heard that one before?”).

Time like that let’s me hear what I really need to hear for the day. That small, still Voice that strengthens and energized me for my many, many tasks ahead. If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend it! Find a place, any place (preferably outside). Turn off the phone ringer, hang up the “do not disturb” sign and give it a try. I promise, you’ll hear it too ; )